Whoopers for Wisconsin?

Role Assignment

Read the following situation. Your job will be to persuade the International Whooping Crane Recovery Team to agree with your group's perspective, so read carefully, taking on the role of

Fur & Feathers Sports Club:

Hunting is allowed on all three of the properties being investigated for potential whooping crane reintroduction. Although the sites are separated geographically, you and your hunting companions have frequented all three locations; each place offers a unique experience and is better that the others for certain species.

Because a new sandhill crane hunting season is being proposed, you are concerned about what this reintroduction would mean for you.

You enjoy hunting and fishing, pursuing every species that is legally sought. You hunt with several other people. Admittedly, the hunter ethics of your group are practically as diverse as the group members themselves. You know that members of your party have taken animals illegally, and you are even nervous at times during the gun-deer season. Some of your group lives out of state and are required to pay larger license fees to be able to hunt in Wisconsin.

At your favorite goose and mallard spot, you have seen hunters shoot down two swans. Only one of the shooters was apprehended.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).