Whoopers for Wisconsin?

Role Assignment

Read the following situation. Your job will be to persuade the International Whooping Crane Recovery Team to agree with your group's perspective, so read carefully, taking on the role of

Whooping Crane Recovery Team:

Your group consists of representatives from Canada and the United States. You have come together with the sole goal of successfully reestablishing whooping cranes in their native territory. You have been selected because you have the ability to look beyond politics, money, and other biases to do what is best for the species.

You will listen to several interest groups present information and opinions, in an effort to sway your opinion. It is up to you to take in this information, judge the presentations and material, and come to a collective decision that will affect people statewide, as well as the welfare of an endangered species. If is also up to you to determine a schedule for the groups and rules under which they will present. Each group should be allowed five minutes to present their information.

You will establish criteria against which you will weigh the information in the presentations. You may ask questions of the interest groups. Once all groups have presented their information, you will have time to meet as a group and determine your final decision. Be prepared to defend your choice.

Take this responsibility seriously.

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).