Whoopers for Wisconsin?

    Role Assignment

    Read the following situation. Your job will be to persuade the International Whooping Crane Recovery Team to agree with your group's perspective, so read carefully, taking on the role of

    Wisconsin Department of Tourism:

    From the minute your office heard about the potential that Wisconsin would be chosen for reintroduction of whoooping cranes, you have been eagerly awaiting the final site selection. The office whole-heartedly supports the state's selection for whooper recovery efforts. Behind closed doors, you have a certain site that you'd like to see selected.

    Of the three proposed sites, one already brings in over 400,000 people. Another location is farther behind with only 250,000. The remaining site leaves the others far behind, seeing 750,000 visitors a year. When number of annual visitors is considered, this site clearly has the others beat.

    This site (seeing 750,000 annual visitors) is located close to the neighboring state's capital. They have an extremely busy Friends organization that pulls in many funds from the neighboring state. Most visitors live in that state, stay in that state, and eat in that state. They merely drive over for the day to visit the site.

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