Whooping Cranes on the Wintering Grounds
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Juvenile whooping crane plays with clump of seaweed.
Image: Diane Loyd
Whooping crane amid many ducks
Image: Klaus Nigge
Two young cranes from the Class of 2010 in their first winter in Florida
Photo: Eva Szyszkoski
Two adult cranes eating corn in a field
Photo: Laura C. Williams
Crane parents must teach their juvenile how to eat blue crabs on the wintering grounds.
Photo: Laura Erickson
Blue crab, the most important winter food for Whooping cranes
Photo: Laura Erickson

Whooping crane takes flight while mate watches.
Photo: Eva Szyszkoski

Crane pair dancing together to show their pair bond.
Photo: Sue Kersey

Adult and juvenile dancing
Photo: Klaus Nigge

Adult and juvenile roosting at night
Photo: Klaus Nigge

Adult crane is calling
Photo: Klaus Nigge

Photo: Bill Gausman
Juvenile crane learns to find blue crabs to eat.
Photo: Brooke Pennypacker
Adult Whooping cranes with their twins on the Texas wintering groundsPhoto: Diane Loyd
Cranes in a corn field
Photo: USFWS

Whooping cranes flying over St. Marks NWR in Florida in winter
Photo: Mark Chenoweth

Cranes tear part blue crab to eat it.Photo: Brooke Pennypacker

Young crane stretches its wings in a dance.
Photo: Eva Szyszkski