Meet the Class of 2015

Tracking the young cranes helps the experts know their location and indicate their condition. Operation migration raised money for 3 new GSM/CTT units for the 2015 cohort. GSM units have different technology than the PTT units, which rely on the Argos NASA Satellite to capture information as satellites passed overhead. Three of the Class of 2015 have GSM units, which have been active since Feb. Feb. 8. "The quality of information is SO much better," explains Operation Migration's Heather Ray. For more, this link explains what the GSM/CTT units are and how they work.

This is a screengrab taken February 12, showing the red dots (satellite hits) for crane #1-15. "You can tell that as of Wednesday, Feb. 12, she was still in the top-netted section of the release pen," explains Heather:

Crane #1-15's CSM data
Operation Migration

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Partial funding for this news update has been made possible through Operation Migration by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Southern Company through the Power of Flight Program.