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Ground School Training

The chicks born in April, May, or early June begin school when they're just days old. They go to ground school training with , costumed handlers (Dan, Brooke, Bev, Barb, or others) and the trike (the body of the ultralight aircraft). What can you discover from this video clip about the earliest training of these young Whooping cranes?

< Video Clip: "Trike Training"

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Before you watch:
  • Discuss how you might teach a Whooping crane chick to follow an ultralight plane.
  • What difficulties might you have?
  • When you watch the video, look carefully. How does Brooke encourage the chick to follow him? To follow the trike?
After you watch:
  • How would you explain this day in the life of a baby Whooping crane to someone who didn't see the clip?
  • How do you think Brooke takes advantage of learning and instinct to train chicks?

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Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership.