Teacher Tips for Who Am I? Imprinting
Print-and-Fold Instructions
Web "Slide Show" Version of Booklet


Visualization: Read to kids the visualization experience in this Journey North lesson:

• Where's My Mommy? Imprinting in the Wild and in Operation Migration

Make Connections: How are crane babies similar to human babies when it comes to how they learn?

Hear From the Experts: Explore the Web archives. Good places to start:

• Hear Dan Sprague explain why he wears the costume (audio clip)
• How do the chicks learn to eat? (video clip, viewing guide, followup story)
• What is captive breeding, and why is it necessary?

• What are the official rules by which these cranes are raised and trained? Why is each rule important?

Critical Thinking. Discuss: What dangers might result if the young Whooping cranes had false imprinting—that is, if they imprinted on a species other than their own? How could false imprinting hurt chances for population growth in the flock?

Read a Graph: Find out how many Whooping cranes are in the reintroduced Eastern flock at this time. How many are in the original (natural) Western flock? See graphs on the Web. (Please note the date on the page. You may have to make allowances for crane deaths and final counts after migrations. For more Total Population information, click here. For the current stats on all Eastern flock cranes, click here.)

Journal: List some ways biologists help baby cranes to imprint correctly on their species.


Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).