Cranes for Kids is a simple, student-directed entry point to Journey North. Engaging booklets, photos, videos, and slide shows from the natural world build observation skills, inspire scientific thinking, and create fertile ground for discussions and new questions!

Teaching Tools Below:

Activity/Lesson Grade* Learning Standards/Themes

Books and Slideshows

  • These slideshows (and related books) address all of the themes and standards listed below.
Whooping Cranes Hatching
  • Life cycles
Whooping Crane Kids: Learning Life's Lessons
  • Wild vs. captive (compare and contrast)
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Adaptations for survival
  • Learning vs. instinct
  • Survival in changing environments
  • Science as a human endeavor
Ground School Training
  • Behavioral response to environmental stimulus
  • Learning vs. instinct
  • Science as a human endeavor
 Who's in Charge
  • Behavior patterns
  • Adaptations for survival
  • Meeting basic needs
Meet Robo-Crane
  • Tools and equipment help scientists investigate the world
  • Science as a human endeavor, behavior patterns
 Keeping Crane Chicks Healthy
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Behavior patterns
  • Scientists use technology to gather accurate data
  • Science as a human endeavor
 Dance Like the Cranes!
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Behavior patterns
  • Adaptations for survival
  • Life cycles and reproduction
 Watching Walking Whoopers
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Adaptations for survival
  • Understanding the nature of science inquiry; how scientists think and work
* These general grade designations are based on reading levels. You can adapt any activity to lower grades by reading it as a class or by focusing on simple photo observations.
Science Inquiry Skills Addressed
Comparing and contrasting
Questioning Finding patterns Evaluating ideas
Using evidence to make reasonable explanations Communicating details Applying understandings
Journey North for Kids Teaching Tools

Observation Handouts
Some JN for Kids activities link to simple student observation sheets. You can also select your own from our Gallery of Student Handouts. Print and pass out copies to guide observations of Journey North photos, video clips, and the natural world.

Gallery of Student Handouts >>

Questions to Inspire Observations
Draw from these to build students' observation and thinking skills.

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Journey North for Kids in the Classroom: Tips from Teachers

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