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Photo: Sara Zimorski, WCEP

Names for Cranes
Cranes in the new Eastern Flock are real characters! You’ll discover that each bird has its own personality. Many of the cranes remind the pilots and crane handlers of people they know. They include braves and bullies, rebels and sweeties, heroes and cranks.

The “ultrachicks” are named by their hatch year and hatch order. Until 2010, hatch year came first, followed by order of birth. Since 2010, names start with hatch order first, followed by hatch year.

Do you see the big bump on #412’s face? It's an insect bite. He needed medicine for weeks. When he got tired of it, he had to be held and force-fed the medicine. Argh! Even so, he never got scared or distrustful of the white costume. He kept on being the best flyer and follower in his group. What a trooper!