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Were They Whoopers?
You Be the Judge

Report from West Flower Mound, Texas
April 7, 2006

I am curious about a sighting this morning at approximately 10:10 a.m. in West Flower Mound, Texas.

I saw a large group of very large birds flying basically in a north/northwesterly direction. They were traveling in a loose circular pattern with position shifts occurring within the circular group. The grouping and movement patterns were quite unlike the v-shaped grouping of ducks and geese, and there was no identifiable leader. The birds were light in color with a wingspan that seemed greater than body length.

The birds seemed to be at a high altitude. I cannot begin to guestimate altitude; it seemed to be greater than what I normally associate with ducks and geese.

I saw a similar grouping in the same location two years ago about 2 weeks later in April and at the same time of day. Could it possibly have been Whooping Cranes? If not, any idea what it might have been?

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