Whooping Crane Kids
Learning Life's Lessons

As you watch the slideshow about how captive and wild cranes learn life lessons, record your ideas here. Use the back of this handout if you need more room.

1. Coming into the World: Nests
How are the chicks' nests the same? How are they different?

2. Coming into the World: Who Are Your Parents?
How do you think each type of chick learns who its parents are and what species it belongs with?

Captive chicks:


Wild chicks:


3. Finding Food
How do both types of chicks learn to find food?

Captive chicks:


Wild chicks:

4. Finding a Safe Place to Roost
How do both types of chicks learn where to roost?

Can you guess which of these photos has a fake whooping crane? Why do you think it's there?

5. Knowing Your Place in the Group
What do these pictures tell you about the types of groups that captive chicks are raised in? Wild chicks?

How do you think each type of chick knows how to get along with others?

6. and 7. Learning to Migrate
How does each chick learn to migrate? Share your ideas with a partner!