Frosty Wings: A Problem

Slide Show for Kids:

Frosty Wings: A Problem


Overview: EXAMPLE: Students see photos and read a Journal entry by Operation Migration pilot Joe Duff about frost, a weather problem the pilots face each fall, and the unsuccessful and successful attempts the team has made to solve the problem.

Teaching Ideas

Before Reading

Build Background: Ask: What words describe today's weather? What other weather conditions have you heard about or experienced? Where have you seen or heard about frost? What IS frost?

During Reading
Ask students to summarize the page and list any questions they have.

After Reading
Discuss and Research: Revisit students' list of questions and go after answers. Encourage students to use Journey North's Search button as well as other resources.

Further Lessons:
1. What other weather challenges do the ultralight pilots face during the fall migration? Find out with Ultralight Pilot's Checklist: Weather or Not.

2. Explore more about how bird wings help them fly with How Birds Fly. What have builders of ultralights and other "flying machines" learned from the first fliers: birds?

Make Connections: Think of a time when you had to invent a solution to a problem. How did you solve your problem in a way you hadn't tried before? What did you discover from the results?