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A New Life for Two Whooping Crane Chicks

Photo Marianne Welllington

Introduction to Slide Show Story

Sometimes a player doesn't make the team. It's the same for Whooping Cranes. This is a story about two chicks that were raised to be set free in fall 2006 to follow older Whoopers south. But crane experts kept them back when the birds had leg problems. They wanted to choose birds that are less at risk of injury.

What happened to these two when they were taken off the team? They became famous another way!

They went to live in a Florida zoo. Now people can see their beauty and size up close. The chicks will show zoo visitors how amazing Whooping Cranes are. And best of all, in captivity they will be well cared for and free of the threat of predators. These two should live long, healthy lives despite their leg problems.

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