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The Adventures of DAR 46-07
Story by Eva Szyszkoski, ICF Tracker
Photos by Marianne Wellington, ICF Chick-rearing Specialist

The Baby of the Group
Chick 46 was the last direct autumn release (DAR) chick to hatch in 2007. Because she was so much younger than most of the others, DAR 46-07 and the second-youngest chick became fast friends. They even fell asleep together on one occasion. However, due to unfortunate health problems, 46-07’s buddy could not be transported from ICF to Necedah NWR to be raised and released into the wild with the other DAR chicks.

So 46-07 came by herself. She joined the other nine that were already getting to know Site 3 at the refuge in the flock's Wisconsin summer home. It was a pleasant surprise when she immediately got along with the older DAR chicks and joined in with them on our excursions into the marsh.