The Capture of Eagle #F81
By Peter Nye

February 1, 1999

Post Script
Eagle F81 was tracked for 4 seasons, then caught in a bait trap near his nest site in Quebec.

Our first eagle of 1999, F81 was captured by our trapping team of Craig Thompson and Darcy Misurelli along the Upper Hudson River only about 20 miles north of Albany, NY. Although not one of our major winter-concentration areas, we always have a few birds wintering in this area and it is part of our overall Hudson River study area within which we are trying to define essential habitat areas and chemical contaminant loads (in both prey and in eagles using this area).

This adult male was captured along the shoreline using a bownet and fish set; three other adult eagles were in the area at the time as well. F81 is equipped with a state of the art satellite radio-transmitter, #12359, which should be transmitting for about three years total, and which will give us some great long term information on where this eagle summers and returns to winter each year. Stay tuned with us as we follow him!