Chore Chart for Raising Eagles
Duties for Males and Females

Even though it's not written down anywhere, male and female eagles know exactly what their duties are when it comes to raising young. Read about the phenology of eagle nesting. Learn what duties are involved, and which parent is responsible for each duty. Then, print a copy of this page. Record each duty listed in the proper column of the Chore Chart for Raising Eagles.

List of Duties:

  • select territory
  • defend territory against other eagles
  • build or repair nest
  • chase away predators
  • lay eggs
  • incubate eggs
  • turn eggs
  • cover eggs before leaving them alone
  • catch lots of fish for nestlings
  • feed young at nest
  • sit on nest to brood young
  • shade babies from hot sun
  • feed and protect young if they fall from nest
  • encourage young to fly
  • teach young to fish (and/or supplement with food)

National Science Education Standards

  • Plants and animals have life cycles that include being born, developing into adults, reproducing, and eventually dying.
  • Reproduction is a characteristic of all living systems; because no individual organism lives forever, reproduction is essential to the continuation of every species.
  • Organisms have basic needs.
  • Each plant or animal has different structures that serve different functions in growth, survival, reproduction.