Chore Chart for Raising Eagles
Duties for Males and Females

Which parent is responsible for the tasks in raising young eagles? Write each duty in the proper column. For shared duties, record the task in the middle column (but put an arrow toward the male or female column, whichever does the most work on this chore.) Finally, answer the discussion questions below to compare the work-load of the male and female eagle.

Male Eagle's Duties

Shared Duties

Female Eagle's Duties


Discussion Questions

1. Who do you think does more work in raising young, the male or the female eagle? Give examples.

2. Would you rather be a male or female eagle? Why?

3. Compare how male and females of different species divide the tasks of raising their young. (See the robin's "Chore Chart" for example. Or read about hummingbirds) What do you think are some of the reasons for these differences?

4. Male and female eagles look almost identical. Male and female robins look a little different from one another, and male and female hummingbirds look very different. Do you think this is related to the way they divide their chores?