Comparing Individual Eagle Migrations

Part 1: Adult Bald Eagles
(see also Part 2: NY Nestling Bald Eagles)

What generalizations can you make about Adult Bald eagle migration, based on one spring's observations? Follow the trail and the timing of each eagle's migration. Then write your own scientific paper or have a scientific meeting in your classroom, based on the Bald eagle research you have witnessed. (Link to Migration Data Archives for clues about previous year's migrations.)

Adult Bald Eagle

Eagle #__

Eagle #__

Eagle #__
to Nest*
Date Departed      
# Days Migrating      
Average Miles/Day Traveled      

* Distances traveled by each eagle are measured as the straight line distance between the nest site and the wintering grounds. The actual migration route, and thus the distance actually traveled, is likely to be longer.

  • In addition to finding the information needed about each eagle for the chart above, look at the path each eagle took. Was it a direct "bee-line" to the nest, or did the eagle travel an indirect route and/or move in stages?
  • Describe any similarities you noticed between the eagles.
  • Describe any differences you noticed.
  • Describe any similarities between groups of eagles. (For example, eagles wintering in the same part of New York, eagles traveling to the same nesting region, or eagles traveling long or short distances.)
  • What questions were raised by your observations?
  • What general patterns did you observe? What generalizations can you make about Bald Eagle migration, based on this spring's observations?