Satellite Backpack Fashion Show


The transmitter fits easily in a man's hand, and is about the length of his fingers. It's very light (100 grams). Notice its spongy black base, which goes on the eagle's back.

Four cloth straps extend from the plastic box. Cloth is used so the straps will eventually rot and allow the transmitter to fall off.
The eagle's wings are extended and the transmitter goes on its back.
TrappingMarch2003_057 TrappingMarch2003_055 TrappingMarch2003_054
The two top straps come over the shoulders, and the bottom two straps go around the abdomen.
The ends of all four straps come together in the front. They are sewn by hand, so the straps can be adjusted according to the eagle's size.
Notice how the antenna extends up and away from the body. This allows the signal to be sent unobstructed.