Let's Visit an Eagle Nest!

You can't hop into Pete Nye's helicopter for his New York nest survey, and you can only imagine what's happening in the eagle nests way up in Canada right now. However, you can take a peek inside one Bald Eagle nest any time you want. The "Eagles Online" webcam, sponsored by Northeast Utilities, sends live shots from a Connecticut River Bald Eagle nest.

Brrrr....Bald Eagles begin nesting in February in Massachusetts, and lay their eggs in March. Why do you think they start so early in the spring?
Eagles Online, March 2001

Try This! Field Notes by Remote:
Spring Nesting Phenology of Eagles
  1. As a silent observer, visit the eagle nest online regularly.
  2. Read the Bald Eagle Nesting Phenology Chart for facts about eagle nesting behavior. (Phenology is a branch of ecology that studies the timing of seasonal events.)
  3. Watch for key events that give clues about the stage of the nesting cycle.
  4. Record your observations on the Nesting Phenology chart.

National Science Education Standards

  • Think critically and logically to make relationship between evidence and explanations.
  • Plants and animals have life cycles that include being born, developing into adults, reproducing, and eventually dying.