Eagle Territory
Eagle Territory
Photos: Jon McRay
Eagle Territory
Bald Eagle Courtship and Mating Facts
  • Courtship is a time to develop and strengthen the pair bond, or form a new one.

  • Scientists have observed some mating behaviors on wintering grounds, but have also seen males and females start courting in breeding areas.

  • In addition to the spectacular aerial sky-dancing displays, courtship includes nest-building, perching, billing, and preening.

  • Bald eagles mate from the time of returning to the nest territory in early fall through egg laying, and sometimes a few months after.

  • Like most birds, eagles are monogamous. If one of the pair dies, the lone eagle will find a new mate.

  • Adults may be vocal before, during, or after copulation.

  • Copulation occurs mostly before egg-laying but happens at other times too.

  • Gestation period: 5 - 10 days after copulation, the female lays one to three eggs.