What is this Eagle Doing?
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This eagle is hanging onto a branch with just one talon*! This young eagle landed on a small, thin branch. The branch was too small and couldn't support his weight. He wound up hanging from a twig upside down! An observer saw the bird do this twice! Each time he hung upside down for less than a minute — then let go, flipped over in mid-air, and flew off. "We like to joke around about how silly, clumsy and fearless the young birds are," wrote the photographer, Jon McRay.

How old is this bird? Did you notice the birds plumage? You can usually tell the age of the bird by the color and pattern of their feathers. How would you describe the feathers?

We think this bird looks like someone has splashed them with white paint. This bird's beak, head and tail are still quite dark. It is probably a 2-year old bird.

Bald eagles won't have their adult plumage until they are 4 years old.

* A Talon is the sharp hooked claw of a bird of prey.

Photos: Jon McRay