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Survival in a Wild Habitat
Looking at Eaglets

  Here's what's happening, and why:


You can see in this front view that eagles can use both eyes together to see ahead.

  • Eagles have eyes set with forward views, like binoculars. An eagle's binocular vision helps it catch prey. Many birds have their eyes set more on the sides. This means limited forward views. (That's why robins tilt their heads to look for worms with just one eye.)
  • Why the huge nostrils? Birds need to breathe in lots of air for their high-paced activities. Also, eagles need to take in as much oxygen per breath as possible when flying at high altitudes.

Journaling Questions
  • Many animals have limited forward vision. Their eyes are located at the sides of their heads. Can you think of some animals with this kind of anatomy?
  • What advantages would a bird have for seeing only to the side?

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