How are whale moms and babies like human moms and babies?

Naturalist/Tour Guide Adrienne Deliso says:

Watchful Mom, Playful Baby
This baby whale is about 5 weeks old in this February photo. She and Mom are in the nursery lagoon. The baby is just full of life! She teases us by staying just out of reach as guests hang over the boat and try to pet her. Then she suddenly lunges forward with what looks like a big grin, her eyes bright and locked on the people in the boat as she flirts with us. Mom keeps close tabs on baby. She is always near, always watching. Human mothers do the same for their babies, right? They are happy to see their babies act playful and friendly towards others, but always watch to keep them safe.

A Loving Bond
It’s amazing to see the close bond between mother and baby. We all are moved at how a baby whale slides across mom’s back and constantly touches mom. Sometimes when the baby is at the side of the boat, mom is just under the water, watching with a cautious eye. Like human babies and moms that hug, cuddle and play together, their actions seem to show their love for each other.

Photo Adrienne Deliso


"When it was time for them to move on, mom suddenly porpoised out of the water, dove with her huge fluke next to the boat, then breached only once just a little way out from the boats. Such an incredible display of strength and protection for her calf!"