June 1, 2016: Records Smashed!
Counting of northbound gray whales passing California just ended at two point-count sites and the record number of calves, an important indicator for the future of the once-endangered population, is this season's great news!

"As fleeting as an afternoon puff of vapor, they are gone; Our 12th annual survey concluded May 26 at 5 PM with no sightings but a new season record of 296 calves."
—Michael H. Smith, Director: Gray Whales Count

"Our northbound calf count of 341 is the highest of all of our 33 seasons, breaking our record of 318 calves set just last season. Southbound total count is the second highest, and northbound total count is our fourth highest. We continued the count until May 31 in order to document the tail end of this memorable extended migration, making this just the sixth season that our census has lasted until at least the end of May."
—Alisa Schulman-Janiger, Director: ACS/LA Gray Whale Census and Behavior Project

Northbound gray whales past California

Gray Whales Count