They’re Coming!
Build a Feeder to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Schoolyard

Did you notice that most of the Journey North sightings are for hummingbirds that citizen scientists see at their own backyard feeders?

Put Out Your Own Feeder
Wouldn't it be great to attract hummingbirds to your school yard? You could attract hummingbirds all summer long, or provide spring and fall migrating hummers with the energy boost they need with your own hummingbird feeders.

Try This! A Home-made Feeder

Make hummingbird feeders this spring in your classroom and hang them around the school to attract hummingbirds all spring and summer. There are many different designs for make-your-own feeders.

Use your own creativity and build your own using this simple idea using a few tools and a plastic drink bottle.

Here’s what you need:

• Gatorade bottle with cap (or any other bottle you want to use as a container)
• A large salad dressing bottle cap (or any other bottle cap that is slightly larger and deeper than the bottle cap
• drill
• paper napkin
• hot glue gun and glue
• pliers (optional)
• aluminum foil (optional)
• scissors (optional)
• non-toxic paint (optional)
• faux flowers (optional)

The directions are simple. Visit this site to learn how to make your own feeders using these materials.

Other Feeder Designs

You can make feeders from many recycled materials. Be creative! Here are some feeders made from small jars, insulin bottles, and test tubes:

Photo: Cat Taylor

Photo: Cat Taylor

Photo: Cat Taylor
  • Learn more about these feeders and how to find supplies for making them.

Unpave the Way for Wildlife
    • Find the recipe for making hummingbird food
    • Learn about planting a garden in your school grounds to attract hummingbirds and butterflies
    • Find out what kinds of plants you can include in your garden