Hummingbird Feeders by Cat Taylor
Over the years I've tried to keep the hummingbirds happy in my yard. I used to purchase those big 32 ounce jar feeders to hang out in the yard but with our south Texas temperatures in the high 90's and over 100 during the summer and early fall season the glass heated up the nectar inside and caused it to spoil quickly. I decided to make smaller feeders to hang from my trees and stake out in the flower beds. The hummingbirds finish the nectar off faster than it can heat up or spoil!!!

I've found that insulin bottles make good feeders. The opening is a perfect size for the "Perky Pet" feeder flowers. There are other bottles and test tubes that can be used to make hummingbird feeders. Those airline liquor bottles, glade fresheners - any small bottle can be used. It is just a matter of finding a lid that will fit.

As for finding stoppers for the bottles - it's pretty much trial and error. I've cannibalized old

feeders to use the feeder ports as well as carry the bottles with me to craft stores, medical supply stores etc - trying out different caps, stoppers, lids etc.