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One Minute With a Hummingbird
What Do You See?

Video Clip
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Student Handout

Watch a female hummingbird for one minute while she visits a feeder. Play the video clip and record on the handout:

  • What did you see?
  • What do you think you saw?
  • What can you count?
  • What do you wonder?

Play the video clip 3 times:

  1. The first time you watch, focus on the hummingbird's behavior.
  2. The second time pay careful attention to her physical characteristics, how she looks.
  3. Third, find something you could quantify. What can you count easily? What could you see and count more easily in slow motion?

Each student should observe and record their observations individually. Then, come together as a class and compare notes. When you're done, summarize what you learned, saw and wonder about a hummingbird after watching for one minute.