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Day 2A: Nestmates

The babies' eyes won't open until they are nine days old. They are uncoordinated, and spend almost all their time resting at the bottom of the nest.

What are at least two things that baby hummingbirds CAN do as soon as they hatch out?
(Answer under photo.)

Photo: Dorothy Edgington

A. From the time they dry off, baby hummers can hold up their heads and open their mouths to beg for food, and as soon as they swallow, they can poop. Right now they're still pretty tired and weak, but by tomorrow they'll start backing up a little so they can poop over the nest rim. Even that little job is pretty hard work at first! It's not much of a life, but by the time they're nine days old and their eyes open, baby hummers are starting to learn that there's a lot more to life!