Time Line Book

A Spring Leaf-out Book

This is a fun and easy project for creating a visual time line of Spring Leaf-out in an accordian type book.When completed it can be opened like a book, or pulled completely open to reveal the whole season's changes on one long strip!

Before you start you will need to have:

  • a blank accordian folded book for each person
  • glue
  • flattened leaves
  • JN field journals

Organizing and Glueing in the Leaves

Students will need to collect leaves each day they observe their trees, and press them to dry flat.

1. The leaves should be collected from the plant press carefully so the collection dates are kept with them.

  • Putting the leaves into envelopes and dating the outside is one system that works.

2. In their blank accordion books, help the students calculate how many pages (or folds) they will need before gluing in the pressed leaves.

  • Lightly labeling the pages with pencil will help them plan

3. Using only a very small amount of glue on the backs of the leaves, arrange and glue the leaves onto the pages.

Here are some ideas for your time-line pages:

April 27
Tender leaves exploding...

April 29
Two days later, inches larger..

May 3
May brings rain...

May 10
Gathered in the rain...

Art and science come together in creating beautiful and interesting books!

4. Now students can embellish the pages to make their own fact-filled leaf time lines. Add the information they wrote into their Journey North field guides:

  1. temperature and weather conditions
  2. their sensory observations and other phenology
  3. other interesting facts they can find in field guides