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Introduction and Key to Attendance Sheets

An entry in
Ranger Wayne's Journal

During his canoe roll calls each day, Ranger Wayne records his daily data in his research journal. After that, he transfers that data to his daily Attendance Sheets.

A blank example of Ranger Wayne's Attendance Sheet is provided below. In just a short time, you can learn about the key data that is recorded in the Attendance sheets, and use the Attendance sheets yourself to get a better understanding of Ranger Wayne's research. Start by printing out, and then looking over the Blank Attendance Sheet below.

Then, read the short summary of the Run's Key features:

Features of The Run

A) The Diagram of the Run:
To understand the Attendance Sheets, its helpful to first learn the layout of the Run. The top of the diagram shows the mouth of the Run, which is where the water from the Run flows into the St John's River. The bottom of the diagram shows the "Boil", where the Run waters originate. At the Boil, the waters flow up from underground, and flow (or "run") toward the St. John's River.

B) Transects
The lines drawn across the Run are called "transects" . They are imaginary lines, and they are used to divide the Run into sections. Each transect has a number typed next to it to mark a location in the run. The transect numbers begin with "0" at the St. John's River, and continue in increasing numbers until you reach the number "19" transect at the other end near the Boil.

C) Temperature and Manatee Count Data:
In the upper right corner of the Attendance Sheets, Ranger Wayne records the date and time of his roll call, but more importantly he also records the following data:

  • River Water Temperature (in celsius)
  • Run Water Temperature (in celsius)
  • Air Temperature (low and high for the day) (in celsius)
  • Total Mantees Counted

D) Individual Manatees Identified:
An actual, completed Attendance Sheet will have a check list of the current individual manatee numbers and names, for manatees that are known to come to Blue Spring. On a current Attendance Sheet, Ranger Wayne would make a check mark on the list for each manatee that's in attendance when he makes his count. (Note: Our Blank Attendance Sheet example below does not list individual manatees, because that list changes each year).

On a current Attendance Sheet, you may see listings for manatees identified with a "U" and a number. These are for manatees that are not recognized at Blue Spring: the "U" stands for "unknown", that is until Ranger Wayne documents and gives a name to the unknowns.

E) Manatee Locations in the Run:
To show the locations of the manatees in the run, Ranger Wayne will make notations on the Attendance Sheets, both inside and outside the Run diagram. For instance, between two transects, Ranger Wayne will often write the identification numbers for specific manatees seen at that location.

F) Miscellaneous Manatee Comments:
Ranger Wayne also records various comments on the Attendance Sheets, to record behaviors that he witnesses such as nursing, playing, panic among the manatees, or other conditions in the manatees or the Run.

G) River Water Position in the Run
At the top of the Run diagram, Ranger Wayne will also draw in dark lines or shading in the run in order to show how far the dark River water extends up into the Run. If you look at the transect number nearest to the dark shading position, you can see how far the dark River water extended.

Blank Attendance Sheet
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