Latitude Shoes
Around the World in 24 Hours

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People everywhere are invited to put on a pair of Latitude Shoes and go for a ride. What would you see if you traveled around the world at your latitude? Write a story about your 24-hour adventure.

  • How fast and how far will you go?
  • Who lives at your latitude?
  • What countries will you visit?
  • What languages will you hear?
  • What seasons do you experience and what clothes do you need?
  • Everyone has the same photoperiod at your latitude, how does the climate compare?
Latitude shoes around the world
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Latitude shoes around the world
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Assessment and Standards

Use this activity to assess what students have learned during your entire Mystery Class study.

National Science Education Standards
Earth and Space Science: Most objects in the solar system are in regular and predictable motion. Those motions explain phenomena such as the day, the year, phases of the moon, and eclipses. (5-8)

National Geography Standards
The World in Spatial Terms: How to analyze the spatial organization of people, places, and environments on Earth's surface.

Human Systems:The characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations on Earth's surface.

Reading and Writing Connections
Standards-based, best-practice strategies for reading, building vocabulary, and engaging students in learning.