Exploring Words and Diagrams for Mystery Class
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Build suspense about Mystery Class by giving students a sneak peek at key concepts. Explore words and diagrams to find out what students know and are ready to learn about the Earth's daily and seasonal cycles.

Reasons for Seasons: Diagrams
Reasons for Seasons: Diagrams Reasons for Seasons: Diagrams
Words Diagrams #1 Diagrams #2

1. Introduce Clue Envelopes
Place word cards and diagrams into envelopes for small groups to explore:

"In this envelope you'll get a sneak peek at some of key concepts that will help us find Mystery Class sites hidden around the world. Explore the items like a detective, looking for connections and asking questions."

2. Guide Exploration
As you give each group an envelope, explain that you will be walking around and listening for "sleuth-speak," where students are asking questions and making connections. Use guiding questions to assist exploration:

  • Which words are familiar/unfamiliar?
  • How are some of the words related?
  • What information does each diagram show?
  • Which words help to describe a diagram?

3. Identify Questions for Research
After sufficient time for open-ended exploration, ask groups to write 5 research-style questions elicited by their exploration. Provide time for each group to share their questions.

4. Revisit for Understanding
Post diagrams, word cards and students' questions on a bulletin board or learning center. Encourage students to revisit and use for reference throughout your search for the Mystery Classes. As students make discoveries, challenge them to draw their own diagrams to showcase understanding of Earth's daily and seasonal cycles.