Guiding Questions for Analyzing Photoperiods

This Week

  • This week our photoperiod is _____ hours and _____ minutes.
  • Places with a similar photoperiod include ______________.
  • The places with the greatest difference between photoperiods are _____.
  • Compared to our hometown, I notice that photoperiod is:
    • ___________ at places north of our latitude.
    • ___________ at places south of our latitude.
    • ___________ at places east of our longitude.
    • ___________ at places west of our longitude.
  • I think there are different photoperiods because ___________.

Comparing Weeks

  • Compared to last week, our photoperiod increased/decreased by _____ hours and _____ minutes.
  • Places where photoperiod increased include ________.
  • Places where photoperiod decreased include ________.
  • How are location and photoperiod related? Give samples to support your answer.