Wonder Rings
A Collection of Student Questions


How do you inspire students to become active learners who pose questions and search for answers? Create Wonder Rings to capture kids' questions about time, sunlight, and seasonal change. Wonder Rings will keep student-posed questions central to the learning process throughout the Mystery Class investigation.


1. Wonder Aloud

Write these topic words on the chalkboard. Model how to wonder aloud by sharing questions about the topics that intrigue you:

  • Sunlight
  • Time
  • Seasons

Place students in small groups for a brainstorming activity. Have students think about the topics and jot down their own questions. Gather the class and invite volunteers to share some of the questions that were brainstormed.

2. Create Wonder Rings

Introduce your students to Wonder Rings by showing this photo or sharing a sample. Provide hole-punched index cards or paper tags, markers, and metal rings. Instruct students to write one question on each card or tag. as stuents find answers to their questions, have them write the discovery statements on the back of the tag. Be sure to set aside time throughout the Mystery Class investigation to revisit the wonder rings and celebrate the questions and discoveries students are collecting.

Begin the hunt for answers by exploring non-fiction books, the season simulator, and the Mystery Class glossary.

Tip: Provide time for students to add questions to their Wonder Rings when questions arise (while making observations, anayzing photoperiod data, reading books, doing vocabulary, etc.).

Wonder Ring'

Capture students' questions with Wonder Rings