Meet Dr. Bill Calvert
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“I guess I’’m a roving reporter for the monarch aspects of Journey North,” begins Dr. Calvert.

Narrator: Entomologist Dr. Bill Calvert was one of the first scientists to study the Mexican monarch colonies when scientists first learned about them back in 1975. He delights young internet readers with weekly reports from the sanctuaries.

At a phone booth, Dr. Calvert calls in his report: “After winding along mountain roads of eastern Michoacan, twelve students and teachers from Humbolt Jr. High School in St. Paul, Minnesota and I arrived in the mountain town of Angangueo. It was late morning and we had noticed a few monarchs as early as..”

“There is a really nice interplay between students in the classrooms and the scientist in the field," says Elizabeth Howard, Director of Journey North. "The question that might bring in a young child’s interest in the migration can carry through cycles of inquiry all the way up to scientists who have been studying these same things for a lifetime.”

Meet Dr. Bill Calvert

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