Meet Orelia Moreno!
Orelia Moreno Shares Life in an Ejido Family
Michocan, Mexico

(As told to Jenny Johnson, Journey North)
My mother is the first person to wake up in the morning. I wake up after her and the first thing I do is make my bed. After this I must help my mother prepare breakfast. We usually have tea and tortillas with beans. I really like tortillas! . I can eat at least five for breakfast, three for our afternoon meal, and two in the evening before going to bed. Each day my family eats 75 tortillas. About every other day, my mother milks the cows. I actually do not like to drink milk I then wash the dishes with cold water and get ready for school.

Her mother braids her hair every morning

Orelia preparing tortillas

Collecting milk

Every day I walk to school with my older brother Saul and my cousins who live next to us. By this time my father, Julio Moreno, has already left early to work in the fields. He works until three in the afternoon everyday and then comes home for a big meal of soup with chicken, tortillas, salsa and beans, nopales (cactus leaves) and tea or coffee. Sometimes my father sends me to the village "tack" store to get orange soda for special occasions. Or we will buy sandia (watermelon) in the Monday Market in Angangueo. This is my favorite fruit! When I get sick I get to eat special food like bread and cookies. My father then returns to the fields by 4 o'clock and finishes two more hours of work. The sun is now going behind the mountains.

After School Activites
In school I am writing and reading in the second grade classroom. I enjoy my classmates, but I also like to come home and help my mother with the daily chores. This includes sweeping, washing clothes and preparing more food. When my work has been done, I can play with my cousins and friends Liliaria 9, Claudia 9, Alma 6, Isabel 5, Olsvaldo 10, Eduardo 12 and Guismario 3. We like to play with our munecas (dolls) and a game called canecas (marbles). Besides playing with my cousins, I really like to watch Sunday Cartoons. We are lucky to have a television, although many of my other neighbors have. Every two months, my father and mother receive a bill for the electricity. Yet the biggest problem is the electricity doesn't' stay on every day. One time we did not have electricity for 13 days!

Playing "canecas"

Enjoying her cousins

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