News: Satellite Images Reveal Alarming Deforestation

"It is with great regret that my colleagues and I have to be the bearers of bad news," wrote Dr. Lincoln Brower as he revealed a new satellite image of the monarch winter habitat.

The image shows a major illegal logging operation in the core zone of the monarch butterfly reserve, devastating one of the monarch's 12 winter sites in Mexico. The butterfly site, called "Lomas de Aparicio," is a few km south of the largest overwintering area, "El Rosario." Over 1,100 acres (450 hectares) have been cut since 2004. The Mexican government has failed to enforce the law against logging in this area of the Reserve for at least four years, noted Dr. Brower. More >>

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How Kids are Helping Monarchs

It was Saturday, February 16 and Dr. Lincoln Brower was in a hurry. The dry season in Mexico's monarch colonies was coming to an end. Soon clouds would cover the skies and it would be too late.

Find out how students helped scientists collect the strongest evidence yet that the monarch forest in Mexico needs stronger protection. >>