A Glimpse at Daily Life in Garatachea
A Report from Noemi

(As told to Jenny Johnson, Journey North)
My brother Gustavo and I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. We have become accostumed to living with our aunt and cousins as our parents have temporarily left for the city to find work. My older brother, Luis Alberto stays with us and our aunt prepares most of our meals. Gustavo, who is 12, really likes to ride our horse, which is a "Pinaco. He can saddle and mount it faster than anyone in our family.

Gustavo assisting Noemi
with mounting their horse.

Noemi with her pet kitten Regalo ("gift").

Receiving Basic Necessities: Water and Heat
A long time ago our water used to come in a big, plastic container already clean for drinking. Within the last year, it has become more difficult to receive new containers. Therefore our canoa (trough for water) collects the water from the mountains around us and we use this water for everything. We don't need to cut any trees for firewood, but collect only what has already fallen or from dead trees. We then make piles or what we call guacal. Gustavo and his cousin can stack faster than I can, but sometimes I laugh because the guacal will fall over as soon as they are done.

Gustavo and his cousin near the water storage tank and Noemi washing clothes near the "canoa".

Noemi's brother and cousin stacking firewood for storage and for transport.