A Glimpse into daily life in Garatachea
A Report from Noemi

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Herding Sheep
I am very good at herding the sheep. I have to bring them out in the morning and back in at night. Many people come to us to buy pieces of wool (salea). They will use the salea to make yarn and create blankets, gabanes (ponchos) or sweaters. Some mothers will simply use this wool piece as a padding for their babies to sleep on.

Secadera (thrasher) is what we use to cut the crops, such as corn, wheat and oats. Then we collect the stalks (sacate) and ground them into feed for the animals. Mogotes ("teepees" ) are the easiest way to collect and transport the sacate.

Preparing Food
is the stone bowl we use to prepare salsa. I can eat 10 tortillas every day and I prefer milk over tea, beans over eggs, salsa over jam, fruit over candy. Homework and chores are both easy.

Gustavo preparing salsa and Naomi cooking eggs. Naomi at work with daily chores.

Hasta luego, ADIOS!
(Until next time, Good-bye!)


Discussion Questions:

  • Where does your water come from to wash dishes? clothes? bathe? etc.?
  • How do you keep your home warm during the colder seasons?
  • How do you keep your home well-lit during the darkness?
  • Where do you buy all your fresh meat, bread, clothing?