Fall Monarch Migration
A Guided Tour for Teachers

Are you ready to embark on a real-time, scientific journey to Mexico with monarch butterflies and other citizen scientists?

This Fall Monarch Migration Guided Tour is your planning resource.

Step 1: Follow Monarch Migration
Build a sense of wonder about monarchs and migration. Start with the big questions surrounding fall migration.

Citizen Science

Step 2: Be a Citizen Scientist
Citizen science involves everyday people in the process of scientific research and discovery. Join people across North America by contributing your monarch observations.


Monarch Migration

Step 3: Observe and Identify
Cultivate your observation and identification skills. Migration reports
must be accurate for the data to be valid and useful.


Monarch Migration

Step 4: Review and Report Observations
As monarchs travel to Mexico through your hometown, what signs of migration might you see? Learn when, where, and how to observe and report fall sightings.


Monarch Migration

Step 5: Examine Needs and Habitat
Observe seasonal change and explore how monarchs and their habitat are affected.