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Let’s Think About It Questions

Monarchs' Needs

  • What do monarchs need to survive?
  • What do monarchs need to reproduce?
  • Where do they find what they need to survive and reproduce?
  • How does a monarch’s habitat provide for its needs?
  • How do fall habitat changes impact monarch butterflies?
  • Where do monarchs find food? water? shelter?
  • Where do they find space to grow and reproduce?
  • Where do monarchs lay eggs?
  • What weather conditions are ideal for monarchs?
  • What weather conditions are dangerous or fatal for monarchs?
  • How do monarchs react to cold temperatures?
  • At what temperature is it too cold for monarchs to fly?
  • How does a monarch’s habitat change in the fall?
  • How can we predict when monarchs will leave our region?

Our Monarch Habitat

  • Is our outdoor habitat suitable for monarchs today? Why or why not?
  • Where would monarchs find food, water, shelter, and space?
  • Are sources of food, water, shelter, and space abundant or in short supply?
  • How long will monarchs be able to find what they need?
  • Can you find any flowers in bloom today? How do flowers change over time? What happens to flowers when frost occurs? What is the last date you saw flowers?
  • What are the weather conditions? How fast are temperatures changing? When are cold temperatures and frost expected?
  • Can you find any monarch eggs or larvae on milkweed? Record the number of eggs and larvae you find per plant.
  • Would monarchs be able to fly today in your hometown?
  • According to temperatures you are recording, can you predict monarch flight times? When could they will lift off in the morning and when will they come down to roost in the evening? How many hours will monarchs be able to fly between sunrise and sunset?