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A Food Chain Mystery
How Can Monarchs Feed in Pecan Trees?
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As monarchs migrate through Texas, they often form roosts in pecan trees. People say the butterflies land on the leaves and appear to be eating. However, an adult monarch does not have chewing mouthparts, so it can't be chewing the leaves. The monarch eats with its proboscis, and can only drink liquids. So what could a monarch eat in a pecan tree? Use these clue words to solve the mystery:

proboscis aphids excrete honeydew drops
sip chew deposit sugar
fluids leaves phloem food chain

After thinking about the clues and trying to figure out what is happening, read the article, A Food Chain Mystery: How Can Monarchs Feed in Pecan Trees? Summarize the main ideas and share your thoughts on a journal page.

monarch butterfly roost