Mexico's Wet and Dry Seasons
Dr. Brower’s Precipitation Graph

Mexico has two seasons, a wet season and a dry season. What do you suppose these seasons mean for monarchs? Look carefully at graph below and describe what you see.

1. Describe what you see.
(Click graph to enlarge.)
2. Then listen to Dr. Brower's description

Dr. Lincoln Brower has studied monarchs for over fifty years! The graph above is adapted from his research. It shows rainfall in the sanctuary region for every month of the year. Listen to Dr. Brower explain what the wet and dry seasons mean for monarchs.

Where Do Monarchs Get Water in the Winter?
Imagine that it's the middle of February. As you can see from Dr. Brower's graph, the dry season has been underway for almost four months. Where do you suppose monarchs find the water they need to survive?

Journaling Question
"Where do you suppose monarchs get the water they need to survive the dry season in Mexico? How many sources of water can you imagine?"

Next, read about two sources of water as described by Dr. Calvert and Dr. Brower.

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