How You Can Help Monarchs

The monarch's spectacular migration to Mexico is an endangered phenomenon. Here are ways you can help.

Support Habitat Conservation in Mexico
The monarchs' winter sanctuaries in Mexico are critical to the survival of their migration. The sanctuaries are now threatened by logging activities and other deforestation. In August, 1997 a non-profit organization was formed by scientists and educators concerned about the rapid loss of wintering habitat in Mexico. Journey North urges you to consider ways you can support monarch habitat in Mexico by contributing to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation. Students participating in the Symbolic Monarch Migration raised over $12,000 for habitat conservation in the 2006/2007 school year.

Create Monarch Habitat Where You Live
Plant a butterfly garden and help Unpave the Way for monarchs. Even a small planting of milkweed for monarch caterpillars and flowers with the adults' favorite nectar will attract monarchs. For help with your garden, be sure to check the butterfly gardening resources in the Unpave the Way section of this site. When your garden is complete, report back to Journey North so we'll know where along the migration trail your butterfly garden is located.


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