Tagged Monarch Found! What questions does it raise?
(More True Stories About Tagged Monarch Butterflies)

Tagged here!
Ann Arbor, Michigan
September 4

The Johnsons raised the monarch in their backyard habitat, a registered monarch Watch Waystation.

People in Ann Arbor are learning about monarch habitat, thanks to the Johnsons and others in the community who founded the organization, Ann Arbor Monarchs. Check it out!

Found here!
Long Point, Ontario
September 11

Field scientist LeeAnn Latremouille found the Johnson's monarch at her study site on Long Point while working for the Long Point Bird Observatory.

Long Point stretches nearly 20 miles into Lake Erie. It's a natural jumping off point for migrants because it shortens the distance across the lake to only 25 miles.


The monarch traveled at least 190 miles, from Michigan to Ontario. See larger map.

What Happened?

  • What surprised you about this story?
  • What would you have expected to happen to the monarch that was tagged in Michigan?
  • What do you think actually happened?