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How you can help monarch butterflies.

Individuals can have a significant impact on monarch conservation issues.

  • Write a letter or article
    Share your concerns with local news outlets, legislative representatives, land-managers, corporations, etc.
  • Attend meetings
    Learn where decisions are being made that affect monarch habitat at the local or state/province level.
  • Follow legislation
    Encourage legislation that protects habitat for monarchs and other pollinators such as bills related to agricultural practices, food labeling, land management, and pesticides.
  • Support beneficial farming practices
    Advocate for practices that do not eradicate milkweed or nectar plants.
  • Use consumer choice
    Vote with your dollars by purchasing foods and products that protect habitat for monarchs and other pollinators. Avoid foods made with herbicide-tolerant crops.
  • Build community support
    Share information about monarch conservation needs through local organizations: scouts, garden clubs, adopt-a-highway.
  • Share your experiences
    Your story can inspire others. Conservation organizations provide networking opportunities and information about ways to help: Monarch Joint Venture, Monarch Watch, Southwest Monarch Study, Pollinator Partnership, Xerces Society.


Monarch Butterfly caterpillar eating milkweed

Monarch Butterfly caterpillar eating milkweed Monarch Butterfly caterpillar eating milkweed

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