Forty Best-practices Instructional Activities

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Instructional Activities

Procedures: Create a graphic that contains 26 squares on one or more pieces of paper. Label each of the 26 boxes with the letters of the alphabet. Throughout the study, collect relevant words. Sort the words alphabetically in the AlphaBoxes.

Example: The ABC’s of Migration: Adaptations, Biomes, Collaring, Dangers, Evolutions, Flight Patterns, Global Positioning System, Habitat, Internal Clocks, Journeys, Knots.

Variations: Students can collect words individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. Using the words collected in the AlphaBoxes, students can create fact sentences, dictionary pages, and word walls for the unit of study.

Reading Strategies: Explore Main Ideas and Support Details, Synthesize Information, Recognize Themes, Build Vocabulary, Summarize Information, and Paraphrase Ideas