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Synthesis Poetry
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Procedures: After researching a Journey North species, invite students to use facts collected to write Synthesis Poems. Provide a template or text frame that guides students through each line of the poem: Name of Species; Describe It, Rename It; Tell Where It Can Be Found; Give More Descriptive Details/Add Facts; Use Emotion Words to Describe How You Feel About It; Explain Why You Used the Emotion Words; Name of Species.

Example: Eagle, A Nation’s Bird, Soaring High Over Trees, Majestic Glider, Precise Predator, Fills My Eyes With Wonder, Respect for Its Wild Ways, Eagle.

Variations: Using notetaking pages or a concept map of facts, students create List Poems that include facts, thoughts, feelings, questions, and connections. Students can create poems individually, in small groups, or as a whole class.

Reading Strategies: Identify Main Ideas and Support Details, Summarize Information, Paraphrase Ideas, Synthesize Information, Make Generalizations, Make Connections, Build Vocabulary, Draw Conclusions, Activate Prior Knowledge