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Two-Word Reflection & Think-Ink-Pair-Share
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Procedures: After reading a selection, ask students to pause and reflect about the information. Ask them to write TWO WORDS that stand out as key ideas. The words do not have to be related to each other. Have students use the Think-Ink-Pair-Share technique to discuss their choices. Think: Why did you select these two words from the article? Ink: Write your reasons for your choices. Pair: Find a partner. Share: Share the two words you selected from the article. Share the reasons for your “Stand Out Words.”

Examples: After reading about satellite tracking and manatees, students might choose peduncle and hydrophone. After selecting these words, students write sentences that describe how peduncle and hydrophone are related to satellite tracking and manatees.

1. Create a “Tapestry of Thoughts” using all the words chosen by the class.
2. Graph the words students in the class chose. Analyze the graph’s data: Which words were selected the most? Why do you think more students chose those particular words? Why do you think (specific words) were chosen?
3. Invite students to choose up to five words depending on the length of the article and the number of ideas it reveals.

Reading Strategies: Identify Main Ideas and Support Details, Synthesize Information, Recognize Themes, Build Vocabulary, Summarize Details, Paraphrase Text